Corporate Compliance and Ethics Counseling and Investigations

Corporate Compliance and Ethics Counseling and Investigations

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Never in modern history has our business environment been so risky — so fraught with threats and so global in scope. Governmental investigations, prosecutions, corporate scandals, criminal convictions. This unique environment has generated an entirely new body of law referred to as “compliance-and-ethics” and “corporate compliance.”

  • Compliance programs are structures adopted by organizations to detect and prevent violations of law and policy, and promote ethical and legal business conduct. Programs often include training programs for officers, directors and employees, reporting mechanisms, processes to investigate reports, and communication paths to the company’s senior management.
  • Public companies were among the first organizations required to adopt compliance programs. For many organizations, having an effective compliance program is no longer an option, and is now an obligation. ND&S has helped clients understand the requirements, and in some cases, implement compliance efforts as part of an enterprise risk management strategy.
  • ND&S helps organizations understand the complex legal requirements that affect them, and create compliance programs that meet and exceed those requirements. As part of an “Outside General Counsel” package or as a stand-alone service, ND&S calls upon its broad experience to craft cost-effective compliance programs for companies of all levels, and incorporate a compliance assessment process into the client’s broad business planning and risk management processes.
  • When a client identifies a compliance concern, our extensive litigation and investigative experience allows us to work with clients to understand, report and resolve the concerns — and handle the risk.

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