Outside General Counsel™

Outside General Counsel™

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Outside General Counsel™

For clients without their own legal departments

At Nicoll Davis & Spinella, we help our clients achieve their business objectives with efficient service at all levels by helping them turn risk into opportunity. For many of our clients, we act as their primary counsel, and for some, as their Outside General Counsel™.

An “Outside General Counsel” offering provides clients with the benefits of a dedicated legal department at a significantly lower cost through billing arrangement tailored to their specific needs.

  • Emerging companies – in fact, any company – could benefit from having an experienced, business-minded General Counsel guiding their important legal affairs on staff. Many companies determine that hiring a full-time lawyer is not practical, but relying on traditional outside law firms – who charge by the hour – may cost even more.
  • ND&S “Outside General Counsel” solution provides clients the benefit of their own General Counsel and legal department – having lawyers “on staff” at fixed costs on call as needed – at significantly lower costs because of their ability to “share” these lawyers with other clients. We work with you to understand your business model, your industry, and your strategic goals – like any good General Counsel would and should. The service benefit comes from having a single point of contact for legal matters, and a team of dedicated lawyers who understand and get involved with your business at all levels, including working at your offices in some cases. The cost benefit comes from setting a fixed or capped fee for the covered work, which gives you predictability in your expenses, and motivates you to seek counsel early and often.
  • Clients can minimize legal risk and reduce their litigation exposure by regularly involving their legal counsel in business matters before disputes arise. An “Outside General Counsel” solution allows clients to do that without worrying that a billable hour “clock” is “ticking” each time they seek counsel.
  • An “Outside General Counsel” can be created to satisfy a client’s unique needs, and can include corporate governance and counseling, human resources/personnel counseling, litigation and trial work, and/or any of our other practice specialties. Please contact ND&S to discuss a package that meets your needs.

Nicoll Davis & Spinella LLP Provides Outside General Counsel™ Services to Companies Nationwide

If your business is looking for Outside General Counsel™,  Nicoll Davis & Spinella LLP can provide you with the information you need. To speak to one of our experienced New Jersey corporate lawyers contact us online, or call one of our offices conveniently located in Paramus, New Jersey (201) 712-1616 or New York (212) 972-0786 .

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