Records Retention, Information Management & Electronic Discovery

Records Retention, Information Management & Electronic Discovery

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The abundance of electronically stored information makes it challenging for a company to ascertain what records it has and how to manage those records in such a way so as to maximize business efficiency, as well as comply with applicable laws and reduce the risk and cost associated with litigation, subpoenas and government requests.  In addition to the high cost of processing electronic discovery, a company is in danger of being subject to significant court sanctions if it is unable to properly respond to discovery requests.  With the goals of cost-efficiency and defensibility in mind, ND&S works with information stakeholders and technical staffs to reduce risk in connection with information management.  ND&S’ offering include:

  • Assessment of clients’ existing records management programs;
  • Development of an easy to follow records management policy which incorporates business needs and industry specific requirements;
  • Employee training on records management;
  • Counseling on automated solutions to manage electronic records and e-mail;
  • Audits of employee adherence to records management policy and counseling on how to improve same.

Keeping in mind that discovery is often the most expensive and time consuming aspect of litigation, we work closely with outside vendors on all aspects of electronic discovery (preservation, collection, analysis and production) to fulfill our clients’ discovery obligations, while always keeping in mind an appropriate budget in light of the matter in controversy.  ND&S provides a practical perspective to a process which can often eclipse the substantive merits of a case.  With their extensive litigation backgrounds, our attorneys handle electronic discovery with a tailored approach to each case, with the ultimate goal being successful and cost-effective dispute resolution.  In this vein, among other things, ND&S:

  • Implements and oversees legal holds;
  • Utilizes early case assessment technology to analyze merits or claims and defenses;
  • Advises on the most effective ways to secure useful electronic discovery from opposing parties;  and
  • Oversees data collection, documenting the chain of custody and handling the information review and production.

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